Saturday, June 28, 2008

Well, the reason I lost the house is cos the lady that was renting to us decided to split up with her fiance or husband or what ever he was and she needed to move back into it. I got my deposit back, but I am so upset about it. I had given my notice to the apartments and was packing and buying stuff for the house and I am just devestated. We looked and looked but none of the houses in our price range were in decent enough areas, or were not what we were looking for, so we decided to stay at our apartment complex another year. Were gonna get a two bedroom though, for Dustin. It has 1.5 bathrooms, so Joe and I will get the bigger bedroom with the half bath. It will be cheaper as we wont have as far to drive to work and we wont have all the utilities, but I am still pretty bummed out about it. Everyone was like, too bad you didn't sign a lease, blah blah blah, but its better that it worked out this way because we have been all moved and settled in and then she probably wouldn't have renewed the lease and we would have to move again. Plus we will have a pool still! See, I am trying to look on the bright side of things!

So, I drowned my sorrows in pizza, mountain dew and a new tattoo. I will take some pics of it and post it for all of you sometime later this week maybe. I have to work tomorrow (sunday) because of the 4th of July coming up. But next week I have FOUR days off!!!!! They did it this way so the drivers wont have to work the holiday. Its all good, cos I will have FOUR days off work! WOOT WOOT!!!

Work has been going a bit better. Things seem to be slowing down a bit lately. I think I only had about 3 hours of overtime last week, so thats good. And one day I got off while it was still daylight outside!!!! YEAH!!!!

So, sorry that I haven't been by anyones blogs lately. Tomorrow after work I might drop by and see what everyone has been up too. I was just so busy being depressed and looking for a place to live......I'm okay now though.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lost the house. Not in the mood to blog lately, too bummed out. will update this weekend maybe....