Thursday, March 29, 2007


Warning to any ladies in the South Bend/Mishawaka area!!

I got a call from my cousin yesterday. She was very upset. She had gotten a job at a place in Mishawaka called "Francesco's Fine Dining" She worked there for about a week and a half and he called her up Tuesday to "speak to the accountant about your paperwork". Only when Brandy got there, there was no account and it was only the owner. He started off pretty innocent, admiring her tattoo that he had never seen because of her work uniform. THEN he said "your tattoos are sexy, do you have any of them near your privates?" and started to reach down there. She jumped back and called him a freak and asked where the accountant was. He then went and sat behind his his desk and started to rub himself off. He gasped "oh, your so sexy. why dont you come over here and rub those big titties on my chest!" By this point she had had enough. She turned to walk away, and he started to go after her, she sped up and he yelled "wait, are you going to come in to work tonight??" she just shook here head and drove away as fast as she could.

The police won't do anything since he never was able to actually touch her. One police officer said something along the lines that he was just hitting on her. Her turning him down doesn't mean anything. They said they would put a notation int he computer that she had made a complaint against him, but since shes not a minor and there are no witnesses there is nothing they could do. What kind of bullshit is that??? One of the officers made a remark that they eat there frequently and have never had any complaints before. Maybe the other girls were too scared to quit their jobs over it?? I was furious and felt helpless, angry that I couldnt do anything to help her. Then she asked me to put the word out. Advise people to boycot the place, anything. So I am.

Im tempted to go in there this weekend and make a scene. Talk real loud about attempted rapist working there and then leave. OR order a big meal and then walk out, saying I lost my appetite cos i saw an attempted rapist. Anything to make this guy miserable and make him lose money.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Last night while Joe and I were out and about some jerk hit our car!!! We're not hurt, and the car only got minor damage, but still!! And then the jerk tried to say it was our fault. Hello?? We were in the left land and he decided to come into our lane and didn't check to see if anyone was in our lane! And them BAM! he hit us. He tore up the bumper right above the wheel. I called the cops and he came and did an information exchange thingy, but he didnt file a report. I'm pissed. How are we gonna prove to the insurance company that it wasn't our fault if there is no actual report?? I tried to get ahold of the company today but no go...We have a five hundred dollar deductable if we have to use our insurance to fix our car. GRRRRRRRRR

In happier news, its going great in the office. He asked me to start coming in earlier and told me I was doing well. I have to work in there by myself on Wednesday. I think it's a test. Hopefully I pass it cos if I am put up there permanetly I get a dollar more an hour. I could really use that money.

I'm going to see my papaw's grave with my cousin today. She hasn't been there since she was a kid, and I haven't been there since before my grandma died. I never met my papaw. He died while my mom was preggers with me, but I feel a connection with him. My mom, and aunts and uncle and grams talked about him so much, and with such love I feel like I knew him. My great uncle put up a new headstone two years ago, and I would love to see it. When he died, he had no insurance, and the state was just gonna bury him in a pine box. My mom had a little money saved up and she got him a nice coffin, but only had money for a cement headstone, and it had worn away so badly you coudnt read the dates, so I am really anxious to see the new headstone he put up. When I was younger, that was one of the things I wanted to do if "I got rich". I wanted to buy a big fancy headstone for him. Is it bad and petty that I was a tiny bit upset that he did that?? I also thought that he should have at least consulted my mom and aunts and uncle about it before hand. He was their father after all..but I think sometimes I can be too negative and mean and petty about some things. At least he has a decent grave marker now right?? Brandy and I are gonna plant some wild flower seeds on his plot. I don't know if they will take this early in the year, but its still too cold to put actual flowers in. My papaw died of cirrous of the liver. He was an alcoholic. That also makes him more real to me. He had his faults, and a major one too. My mom worries about me sometimes. She's scared that I will turn into an alcholic cos its genetic...but I don't drink that often, and when I do, its only one or two drinks. I have zero interest in actually getting drunk. I like a little buzz now and then, but not stupid falling down drunk.

Well, my cus is on her way, so I'm gonna go get ready.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, March 9, 2007

It's a beautiful day in South Bend. The sun is still shining at 5 pm, its warm, and I have the windows and patio door thrown open to let in the fresh air. The cats are happy to sit in front of the patio door and smell all the smells again.

Can you tell I'm in a better mood than I have been lately?? I think I had a serious case of cabin fever.

Things have been much better at work lately. I'm in the office all day now. I'm still on a trial basis right now, but my boss told me that I'm doing well enough to have another weeks training. I really enjoy working in an office. Everyone says I seem much happier now and they are right.
I am.

I'm sorry I couldn't make the chat room with you guys the other day. I just got Ange's invite last night. I work nights, sometimes till early the next morning. I wish I could have been able to join you guys, would have been a blast.

Have a great day guys, and I hope all of you are enjoying the beautiful weather like I am!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Thank You to everyone that made me feel better about missing my grandma so much. You all helped a lot.

This post was gonna be about why I got a new one, but I decided that I didnt want to dwell too much on negativity. Lets just say that an old friend of mine (some of you know her as Mozzy) is a toxic, lying bitch and she was reading my blog, and since we worked together at the time (shes no longer there, thank the gods) I didnt feel like I could be honest about a lot of things going on in my life, so thats why I got a new one. I wanted to make a full, clean break from her, especially now that shes not working with me. She doesn't know my number and she doesnt know where I live, and I plan on keeping it that way.

Now on to other things:
My moms elbow is broken after all, and it isnt healing like it should be. It also keeps popping out of alignment. She has to have an MRI done now, and might have to have surgery. Hopefully it wont come to that.

I got a chance to try out for a position in the computer room of my job. The computer room is the 'heart' of the business. All the orders and billing and everything else comes through there. Apparently its a very high pressure job. I'm only learning one part of it, and if they think I can handle it, they will let me continue there. I think I can handle it. I feel at home in an office, and I want to do something other than working in that grungy warehouse. I don't feel like I am living up to my potential there.

That all thats really going on with me. Ive just been working and sleeping mostly. This weather is really getting me down. I just want it to be warm, so I can open my door and window and let some fresh air into my home. Im going stir crazy, being cooped up. Its too cold outside and too wet and too windy and blah blah blah. Sorry, its making me a little grumpy.

Im gonna go clean my house now.

p.s. Another hug to Rain. I am so sorry for your loss and please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.