Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Belated Mothers Day to all the mothers out there..........I meant to do this yesterday and I forgot. GRRRRR, damn brain just doesnt want to remember all the shit I jam in there lately.

I was inspired by the link I followed on Angies blog and I filled out an app to adopt a soldier. Why have I never heard of this before?? Was I just not paying attention?? Was I being selfish and self absorbed?? I get that way sometimes. I dont mean to, then all of the sudden I realize its me, me, me always me. Then i come back down to earth again. Hopefully I will stay this way for awhile.

will be going on the day shift in July. I cant wait. I hate working nights. It seems like I miss more. Yeah, i get to sleep in more on nights, but I feel like life is passing me by while im snoring away. I have to jam all my errands into the weekends, then go back to work tired.

Joe got a job offer to work construction on the side. Hopefully it works out. The guy is supposed to call him. I hope he does. we could really use the money. If he makes enough, we can pay our car off faster and maybe get a house.

Found out that if I want to lease monthly here after my year lease is up, I have to pay an extra fifty bucks a month, or i get the option to renew another years lease and continue paying my current rent. grrrrr....i wanted to just go monthly in case a nice house comes my way. now i cant do that. pisses me off a bit. oh well.

bye everyone. gotta go get ready for work now.

Friday, May 4, 2007

whew, i just got home from a 13 hour shift, and i still dont know when ill get to bed. im getting ready to chow down some grub and joe and i are hanging out with our friend dustin. hes fast becoming our best friend. today were gonna go play bingo with him and his mom, and then him and joe are gonna hit the bars. i was gonna go, but decided not to cos they need a guys night out night, and saturday morning im gonna hit some yard sales with my friend crystal. its the first time this season, im so excited.

sunday i might actually get to veg out cos joes going on the Road Rally with my dad. the house to myself, YAY!!!

later this month joe and dustin are going with my dad and some other friends to the mudbog. My lil bro, dad and our friends son are all bogging. My dad actually won best in show few years back, and my lil bro was in like third place last year. Dustins never been to a bog, so hes all excited.

weve just been busy busy busy lately. works been crazy, but i try not to complain cos of the paychecks ive been getting.

got some bad news though. Alijah was just diagnosed as 100 percent deaf in both of his ears. I gotta get with his mom and find out how to learn sign language. anyone know sign, and is it really hard to learn?? i took a three week class in middle school, but didnt retain any of it.

well, just wanted to update you, time to eat and prolly crash soon. love ya all!!!