Saturday, August 25, 2007

Been awhile

Hey there everyone. It's been awhile huh? It's been almost a month since I posted. Where has all the time gone?? I miss you guys a lot! I've been pretty busy actually. Working, working, working. Trying to save up some money for my wedding. Yes, I type WEDDING! Joe proposed to me awhile back. We set our date for October 17, 2009. We set it kinda far back mostly for money issues. We want to save up enough to do it proper, and to save enough for a decent honeymoon. I also want to lose some weight. I have my dress picked out, the location for the ceremony picked out, the location for the reception, pretty much everything. My godson David is going to be my ring bearer, my cousin Nina, the flower girl, my step dad is going to give me away, and my mom, sis-in-law (and sis in my heart!! Love you Banni) and cousin Brandy are gonna be my matron of honor and my brides maids.

I have a dilema though, maybe you guys can help me out a bit.

I haven't told my grandparents that yet. I don't know if they told him I'm engaged yet either. They don't talk often, but he usually calls around this time to wish both of them a happy b-day cos both their birthdays are in September. I didn't know how to politely tell them not to tell their son that their only granddaughter is getting married. He will ruin my day if he shows up with his mulletted drunk self. He seems to think he is entitled to have any say in my life. It's like he is in denial of the fact that I have seen him three times in the 22 years he's been gone, and that I have talked to him exactly three times since his last visit over three years ago! (hmm, I'm sensing a pattern here) Anyhoo, how do you guys think I should approach the issue?

Well, bye for now, but I plan to post again soon. I went to the Military Honor park last month for a festival. They have a museum and they had tanks and other cool stuff out and I took a few pics I want to post. I need to get them out of my camera though, so thats for later.

Love ya and miss ya all!