Friday, June 29, 2007

Had a bad day today. Sorry my first post in ages, starts with that, but I did. First, I had to get up early, after working till 230 am, because I had an appointment, and dumb ass me didn't think to make it for later in the afternoon.

Then, I went with my sister in law, brother, and mom to the vet to put their lab Lucky to sleep. It was so hard to say good bye to him, even though I knew he was in pain. He was my "Lucker Dog" my buddy. He was my favorite. I love all their animals, but Lucker Dog was my buddy. He used to knock their other dogs out of the way so I would pay attention to just him. He would make his little chuffing noises to show his contentment and if I stopped petting him, he would hit me with his head to keep going. I will miss him so much!!! I haven't cried that hard in a good long time.

I remember everyone used to be so scared of him, cos he played at being mean, but in reality he was nothing but a GIGANTIC lap dog.

I went not only to say good-bye, but also to show support to my sister and brother. She was there for me when I had to put my Ninja Kitty to sleep, she drove me in the middle of the night to the emergency vet when my dads cat (more mine than his though) went into renal failure, and she was there for me when my Dachshund Daisy got hit by a car. As much as my heart was breaking, I knew her pain was ten fold, and I had to be there for her, just as shes always been there for me.

Rest In Peace Lucky
I will never forget you

Sorry, I don't have a pic of him handy, but I'm sure Brandi will post one on her blog sometime soon.

Monday, June 18, 2007

extremely miscellaneous rants and rambles, look out.

Ya know what I hate? Well, a lot of things actually, but two of the biggest things I hate are liars and thieves. They usually go hand in hand too. I had the camera. A real nice camera. It was a RCA 35 mm. It had 10x zoom. It wasn't the fanciest one, but it was nice. I used it for action shots because I don't have a very high megapixel in my digital. I got it on clearance, but I still paid a decent amount for it. Anyhoo, I loaned it to Mozzy, when we were still friends. She had a lot of my other stuff too, and gave me a bag back while I was in the process of packing up to move. I was so busy, I didn't look when she said the camera was in the bag. Only when I was unpacking the bag a few weeks later did I see it wasn't in there. I called her up, asking where my camera was, and she said it was in the bag. Now, this was while we were still friends. The camera was NOT IN THE BAG! Turns out, she had it all along, and told my sister in law that I gave her the camera. NO I DID NOT! When I asked her about it she said her mom had it and would bring it back when she came back in town. That was almost a year ago and I have yet to get my camera back. I FREAKING HATE THIEVES! And making it even worse was the fact that she stole it from me while we were friends. Not to mention she owes me money for a couple hundred dollars of computer software I sold her for $50. What a freaking deadbeat.


For some happy news. Yesterday was a good day. I went and seen David and Alijah, my god sons. They are both doing well. Michelle is learning sign languge, from a book for now, but she is going to be looking into classes for us all to take. We need to start teaching Alijah sign now, while it will be easier for him to learn. He fell asleep in my arms while I was there, it was so precious! Aunt Wanda took a picture of it, so as soon as I get a copy, I will put it up. I did startle him a bit when I cleared my throat. The vibrations made him jump cos his head was right on my chest. He likes to lay there, I think maybe because he can feel our heartbeat. Joe was holding him as well, and that was a beautiful sight.

We went to Eric and Brandi's after seeing David and Alijah. They had a cookout with the juciest, yummiest steaks ever. They also had steamed corn and baked potatoes and the yummy bread with homemade honey butter spread. I ate like 8 pieces of bread, but I worked it off in their pool. My brother and I wrestle and horse around in the pool, cos I have less of a chance accidently getting hurt in the water. I had a blast. It's been awhile since I spent good quality time with them. I mean, we see and talk to each other, but yesterday seemed so right and fun and I was so happy and content. I really missed them when all the bad stuff was going on last summer and fall. I'm glad thats past us now.

I started selling Avon, to supplement our income a bit. Joe has a chance to get a part time job at my cousin Ryans job. It may lead to full time, and they pay a lot better than Masters. With his part time job and my avon then I think we will do pretty damn good financially.

Well, I need to get going so I wont be lat fore work. Have a good week everyone, and hopefully I will have time to leave messages on everyones blog. It seems like its so hard to get blogging lately, but I miss all of you so much!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Spring Cleaning, A Bit Late

I decided the other day to take most of this weekend to completely clean and purge my apartment. Who knew that a year would build up so much junk. Don't get me wrong, my place isn't filthy, its just cluttered and messy. I straighten up all the time, but I don't actually clean, and by clean I mean, clean out all the closets, cupboards and junk like that. It amazes me all the junk we've accumulated! Some of the things I've come across, I don't know where they came from. I found Christmas Decorations on top of the fridge, how'd that get there?? Anyhoo, I'm taking a much needed break from that to blog and drink a cup of Ice Tea.

I got my first package for my Soldier all ready to to. Joe and I are gonna go the post office tomorrow to mail it out. I hope he likes what I got him. I only got a few things for his first package because I'm waiting to hear back from him on what he likes or needs. The website ( said I might not. If thats that case, then I will just continue to send random things to him and hope that he likes or needs them. They also said that if our Soldier doesn't need or like something, there are plenty of others that may need it too, so I'm not too worried about it.

I'm planning on signing another years lease here. Joe and I looked around for something cheaper, but no go. Unless I want to live in Crack Head Haven, otherwise known as Pin Oak Manor, then Castle Point is the cheapest place around for the square footage we get here. I do love the place, I just wanted something a bit bigger and that allows dogs, so I can get me a doggie. We have over 700 sqft here, and most of the other apartments have less than that. We did look at a place called Mckinley Woods, that is REAL nice. It was actually a town home, with a fenced in back yard, 1.5 baths, two bedrooms, shed in the back yard, and lots of closets, plus a stacked washer and dryer. I LOVED it, and so did Joe, but it was not in our budget. We've been kind of bummed out lately, because they allow dogs and cats, and there is no extra monthly pet cost like most places. So we decided to stay here another year. We do have the option of getting a different apartment here. They have a one bedroom with a den that we are thinking about. When we go back to discuss our lease, we are going to ask to see one, see if it is worth moving to another apartment and for the extra cost.

Well, enough of my break time, I want to meet my cleaning goal for today, so I can justify going swimming later. Tomorrow its cupboard and closet cleaning day. Have a great weekend everyone!!!