Saturday, January 27, 2007

Okay everyone. My old blog is retired. Im not gonna delete it, as Im fond of it, but its time for something new......someone I didnt want to has been reading it, and I just didnt feel I could post what I wanted to on it. I accidently posted that last one (the one with the cute sign) on my old blog, and it was meant to be on here....i dont know how that happened, but oh well....does anyone know how to put a site meter on the new blogger?? The directions didnt make sense...


My moms party is on the third of February...I'm a little miffed cos my Aunt Nita invited someone that neither me, my mom, my dad or my bro and sis in law like.....I want to tell her shes not invited but its complicated. See, her sister used to date my cousin, and she somehow became a part of the family cos my aunt and grandma love her, even though shes a total bitch. I love her sister, and was sad when her and my cousin broke up. They had been together for a long "the bitch" as I call her, is cleaning my cousins house, doing his laundry, cooking for him, driving his truck and she has a joint account with him. She is going behind her sisters back and telling everyone her business. It pisses me off and just shows me what kind of a person she is. But shes still loved by my aunt and grandma. The party for my mom is at the VFW where my aunt and grandma are major members who hold offices. How the hell am I gonna tell my aunt the bitch isnt invited without causing trouble?? Any advice?? (told you it was kinda complicated, LOL)

Sunday, January 21, 2007


hypocrisy n. , pl. -sies . The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness

I want to talk about hypocrits today. Now, I don't claim to be perfect, and on more than one occassion I caught myself being a hypocrit. BUT I admit it. I admit my faults. If I feel I am wrong about something, I admit it. I have even apologized to people when I felt like I've wronged them. It wasn't easy, but I did it, and I will do it again I am sure.

No, what bugs me is not people who make mistakes, or act like hypocrits, its the ones that wont even admit it, or own up to it. Like people who backstab someone, and then act like their friend; THEN they have the nerve to get upset when someone does it back to them. Sounds to me like they are getting a taste of their own medicine. Karma baby. Now, I admit to gossiping about people, bitching about them...especially when I dont like them, BUT I wouldnt deny it AND I wont act like their friend. If I dont like someone, I wont be their friend. I wont hang out with them, and giggle with them or any of that bull crap. It really irks me when I see others doing it, and I get outraged when its done to me. I have a very simple request to people out there, and I think everyone should live by it. "If you dont like someone, dont pretend to be their friend." Its not that hard is it??

I have a lot of trouble trusting people, and I have several good reasons why, reasons I wont get into right now. So when I do lay down my trust in someone and they screw me over, it hurts, and it hurts bad. Im a fair person though, and sometimes I do give second chances, but not often. Ive given a second chance to only a few people, and one person in particular hasnt let me down. She knows who she is, and she knows I love her with all my heart and I am grateful for having her in my life. She is one of the few people out there that know how to admit when they are wrong, or have hurt someone, and can apologize for it. It takes a lot of guts to do that, and I admire anyone who can.

Where was I going with this post?? Not too far, just getting a few things off my chest. Just ranting and rambling I guess......


This weekend went by way to far. I spent it cleaning and relaxing. I cant relax until I clean, so they usually go hand in hand, unfortunately. BUT my house is clean and comfortable and I can relax guilt free. I was gonna go see Forever Gypsy, but Joe and I decided that we really couldnt afford to spend the money on it. It sucks being a responsible adult sometimes. *sigh* maybe next month.

I applied to several jobs this weekend. Hoping one of them will pan out.

Love you guys!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Grrrr...I'm getting really irritated at blogger right now!!! I logged into my new blog and made a post, and it posted it to my OLD blog!!!!! And of course, blogger appears to be down right now, so when it gets back up, i will move it over to here, cos I dont feel like re writing all of it.

I will repeat this though, I 've not been offended by anybody...i dont know why the comments were not showing up even after I had them published. I think they are up now though. Once again blogger screwing up!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

I've been talking to my cousin Brandy lately. We go through phases where we talk a lot, then we dont. Almost my entire family is like that. I dont know why. Anyways, we talked about a LOT of stuff. She opened my eyes about someone in my family. Someone I was previously close to, someone I am soooo disappointed in. But I dont want to violate the privacy of my family. She also has a way of making me feel good about myself. I think she is a strong, beautiful woman, and when she tells me that she thinks im beautiful, I believe her. She says she sees not just the outer physical beauty of someone, but also the inner. She says that I'm real, and good and caring and just beautiful in more ways than one. She made me cry a bit. Now, my mom and sister tell me Im beautiful all the time, but its different with them. I feel they HAVE to say it, but Brandy doesnt. She doesnt have to say that at all. She has a wonderful husband and a beautiful little boy. My cousin Julian, Im sure you remember my posts about him. He was born with the valves in his heart going in the wrong direction, or something like that. Basically it wasnt circulating his oxygen properly. He had to have two surgeries. One emergency "patch" job that temporarily corrected it until he was bigger, and then the permanent surgery. He came through both with flying colors, AND he wont have permanent scarring. He wont remember a thing! We recently celebrated his first birthday. Heres a pic of him with his daddy, Jessie. Arent they both so handsome??

There was really, absolutely NO point to this post, but my convo with her was on my mind so I decided to write it down...LOL

Saturday, January 6, 2007

As most of you know, I am a HUGE animal lover. I would do anything for an animal. I've gotten into arguments, and have actually hit someone for harming an animal in my presence. I even screamed at a child for hurting a baby bird. I had the kid in tears. Brat deserved it too....

Anyhoo. I am a member of the Best Friends Animal Rescue in Kanab, Utah. Its run by a great guy named Michael Mountain. I get their magazine that comes out every three months or so and I always has the latest updates in the animal world, good and bad.

The last edition featured "The Great Bunny Rescue". A lady (i cant remember where) started out with just a couple of bunnies that she had in her back yard. Unfortunately she didnt think to get them spayed and neutered. And we all know what happens with bunnies right?? Uncontrollable breeding!

There were over a thousand bunnies in this ladies back yard. And a lot of them were sick and dying, and they were still breeding. It took weeks and tons of volunteers to rescue all these bunnies. Some didnt make it, but a lot of them did. They neutered the males, and spayed the females that werent preggers. They were given medical treatment if needed, and a lot of them were placed in homes. But there are still a couple hundred that need homes. They were placed in the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary.

The point to this post?? Well Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary is kinda small and they just took close to two hundred bunnies and they need help. Even if its a bale of alfalfa hay, or five bucks it would be useful. And Best Friends is also in need of donations. Or, if you dont have money, but have time both facilities could use volunteers if you live in the area. The rabbit sanctuary is in Whittaker, MI, and Best Friends is in Kanab, Utah.

Best Friends is one of the largest no kill animal shelter in the United States. You should all check out their website. They do awesome work there. One of these days Im gonna take a vacation in Utah and volunteer there for a few days.

What I would love to do is hold a fund raiser, but I'm not quite sure how to go about doing that. Has anyone ever held an online fundraiser before?? If so, let me know okay??Oh, before I forget, here are the web address of the facilities: and
Hey everyone. This is my new blog. I needed to start fresh. I havent deleted my old blog. Dont know if I will. I might just move over my favorite posts from that one to this one. To be honest, there was someone reading my old blog and I didnt want them to. I felt like I couldnt post honestly because that person would use it against me. Whats the point of having a blog that I couldnt be honest in, that I couldnt write what I wanted to in?? Its one of the reasons I dont post as often I would like. Cos I had to censor myself. So welcome to my new blog!!