Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lady GaGa

Ok, I am OBSESSED with this chick! I love her music and weird videos! Check out this one, if you havent seen it already!



ok, try this one instead...for some reason it was showing puppies, but that was cute so i left it up, lol! thanks lavinia for pointing it out

Thursday, October 9, 2008

spent the night in the ER last night....was there for HOURS!!! and the docs still dont know whats wrong with me...i went in cos i had horrible pain across my abdomen, my back hurt, i was running a very high fever and had the chills and was shaking...having to pee ever twenty minutes...thought it was a kidney infection or something, but i have no infection, my blood work came back fine...had a cat scan, it came back normal....my abdomen still hurts, but the fever is gone and i dont have to pee as often....no preggers either, THANK GOD!

they released me, told me to take the day off and get some rest, so thats what im doing....doc said sometimes we get sick and our body resolves it for us and we never know what happened...i think he was blowing smoke cos i was there for hours and they dont know whats wrong with me...oh well...i think im getting better without them....they did dope me up on some serious pain killers by iv and i slept for almost 12 hours...


joe and i have barely talked since we split...he came over for some of his stuff i got outta storage...i can only get so much at a time as i have to get rides to go there...i got him all of his winter clothing for now...everyone says i should just give it away or sell all his stuff but im just not like that...i feel i would be putting my self on his level and i cant be like that....i did confront him on the skankyhoe bag he's seeing...whom WORKS WITH US! he denies it but hes a cheating lier so i was expecting that...what ever..shes skanky as hell...everyone at work calls her a horseface cos shes ugly and has a really long face...makes me feel good that no one can stand her and they are disgusted with joe....

my mom is taking the blazer back beginning of november...said she thinks giving him a month to get another vehicle is more than fair after the way he treated me....im getting my permit saturday and gonna start driving it....i know i know..i shoulda had my license years ago but i hate driving....but i need to be more self sufficent blah blah blah....

bye for now

oh, and yes jess, me u and sassy definetly need to get together and party!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Yes, it's Over

Yes everyone, Joe and I are no longer engaged, living together, speaking, anything with each other. I really had trouble making this post, mostly because there are some people that read it that I don't trust or like, an I hate when they know my PERSONAL business. But I love you guys and this has been so hard for me, so I had to make a post.

Joe was cheating on me, or leading up to the cheating....he was texting secretively, going places with out me, then when I tried to call him, his phone would be off but of course, "I was out of range" or "my battery died" That one is lame as we have car chargers in the truck!

Well, I looked online to see what number he was texting, and called it from a friends phone....a number he doesn't have....naturally another woman picked up....I hung up and texted her, saying sorry, this number was on my phone...she got rude and texted back and her text was signed baby girl....well, immedietly they knew it was me and Joe flew off the handle and left me.....he is still denying he was cheating, and now, since we work together, things keep tricking back to me....he might also be having a thing with one of my co workers...dont know if its true...really dont care either....its over, he treated me like shit anyways and even though finacially it will be hard, I am better off....

And, anyone reading my blog that shouldn't be (you know who you are) can kiss my ass if you think its funny or whatever....karma will catch up to you soon....